Thursday, May 31, 2012

Wicked Cool Swimmer’s Summer Experience

Meet Paul Chang

Year: Rising Senior

Major: Chemistry

Favorite Events: The 100 and 200 Breast (Current School Record Holder)
as well as the 50 Free

Kevin: First and foremost, why did you choose Whitman College?

Paul: I decided to come to Whitman because the swimming program here seemed really close and personal. I also heard great things about the science program here.

Kevin: So where are you spending your summer?

Paul: I am spending my summer at Whitman doing research with my Chemistry major adviser Professor Juhasz.

Kevin: That sounds really cool! What are you researching?

Paul: I am doing research on carboranes, which are 11 boron-1 carbon closed cage clusters. These carboranes are really interesting because they are very similar to benzene, which is a common organic molecule in the biological world. Carboranes have tons of uses in industry and medicine. Because of this, research is being conducted on various techniques for synthesizing new carborane compounds. My research group in particular is trying to synthesize new species of carborane molecules.

Kevin: That is a really cool experience. What are you doing in your free time?

Paul: I am working a bit on my Korean and Spanish. I am also starting to prep for the MCAT (Medical School) test for next year.

Kevin: Sounds like a busy summer. One more question for you. What are you looking forward to most next year?

Paul: I'm looking forward to graduating and hopefully getting into medical school. I also am really excited about next swimming season. It's looking like it'll be a good year.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Academic All-America for Helen Jenne

 Congratulations to Helen! She earned Capitol One Academic All-District honors and is now eligible for Academic All-America recognition. Read about it here.

Congratulations Seniors!

 Matt and Matt Being Matt

Captain Bendix

 Frozen Alyssa

Professor Ian

 Sylvie and Katie

Chemistry Buddies Mitchell and Monica

Lena getting ready to swim

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Jenn wins George Ball Award!

Congratulations to Head Coach Jenn Blomme for receiving the George Ball Award for Excellence in Advising! The swim team, and college community, thanks you for all that you do! Read about it here.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Varsity Banquet/ Record Board Signing

On Tuesday May 1st the team got all gussied up and headed to Reid for the All Sport Varsity Banquet. Before heading over we met as a team and signed all the records that we broke this season which was a ton of fun!
After a quick stop on the steps of Cordiner Hall for a few pictures of the team looking there best, taken by non-other than the President of the College, we finally arrived at the banquet.

And then we raked up! Both men's and women's teams were honored as Academic All Americans. Helen Jenne was recognized for having the 5th highest GPA among all varsity athletes. Both Galen and Karl were honored for being All-Americans. Karl Mering was named male outstanding performer for the first year class, Keller Hawkins won the female outstanding performer for the sophomore class, and Galen Sollom-Brotherton was recognized as the male outstanding performer for the junior class.

What an amazing season with amazing athletes! Congratulations to everyone. Check out some more pictures at our flickr account