Monday, January 14, 2013

Aaaaaaand ... Wait for it ...

The last practice in California is nothing to be messed with. It may seem like we're nearly there, until warm-up is over and you still have 9,000 yards left. The day was as perfect as any with light puffy clouds, a little breeze, and Cable Airshow airplanes zipping around to entertain those of us not staring at the bottom of a pool. If there ever was a day to chew through 10,000 yards in one go, this was it. 

After sweating, squinting, kicking, pulling, flipper-ing and IMing for three hours, the team managed to haul their iced and aching bodies onto the bus for one last ride back to our beloved Sheraton. And when it was announced that there would be a stop at In-N-Out before hitting the airport, it was probably the best-received news since Helen found out there was a fro-yo place in Walla Walla. 

So long, California, and thanks for all the fun!

Total trip tallies:*
73,800 yards
1 crashed wedding photo
2 epic ferris wheel rides
110 tortillas
26 minutes arm circles
37 goggle tans
1 freak hailstorm 
200 packs fruit snacks
400 grapes
15 frozen Balboa bananas
498 photos

*Numbers approximate. 

Some snapshots from the last day:

Heading into the pool one last time.
Galen, sneaking one more goon-jump into the water.

Pre-practice briefing.

Tazi, still smiling!
Karl takes on some fly work.

Kevin Wallin. Solid muscle.

The sprinters play with bungees.

Allie takes it all in stride.
Erin, practicing her mad levitation skills.

Just a couple of senior girls after their last day of California training. 

Done! Elise, Ashley, Claire, Tazi and Tyler.

The sprinters, after finishing up.

Nick Wechter and Will, on deck, post-practice.
Me and Rachael, all smiles.

Claire and Ellen relax on the bus.
Til next year, Claremont!