Tuesday, January 8, 2013

News from Day 5

We have officially passed the halfway point in our epic journey through the waters of the Claremont-McKenna pool in Claremont. So far our progress has taken us to the end of the pool...and back, and forth, then back again, and forth, yet again. You get the picture. Yardage total: approx. 36,000 yards and counting. 

Days four and five were marked by exciting new tan lines, great quantities of IM and kick work, obscene consumption of a certain Chinese buffet's sugar doughnuts, depleting room supplies of peanut butter and tortillas, and countless between-practice episodes of Four Weddings and What Not To Wear.

More photos from our nearly amphibious team of swimmers in California:

Pre-practice STL.

The sprinters gear up for some fast 25s.

Dane leads the way on some IM work. 

Grudge matches with bungee cords made for an excellent practice-viewing experience.

Erin packs up for the morning.
Fruit snacks cheer up Sam after a long workout.