Monday, January 14, 2013

The Ultimate Penultimate

Ask any swimmer which is the most crucial leg of any race, and they'll tell you it's the second-to-last. The third 25 of a 100 is where you explode off the wall; the third 50 of a 200 is where your legs beat the water like a bully. Jenn is constantly talking up the importance of the penultimate to the team. (I have another theory that she just thinks 'penultimate' a cool word, but that's fodder for another time.) 

We live and train for the penultimate leg. Friday morning was our penultimate practice in California; fittingly, we rocked it with an intra-team time trial session. Each swimmer raced a 100 free, 100 stroke, 50 free and a 200. Though the air was chilly, the hot sun and exciting racing made for a fun morning of fast swimming.

Galen warms up before time trials.

Doing our daily pre-practice shoulder exercises. 

Rachael, gearing up her shoulders for another day at the pool.

View from the three-meter diving board.

Robby, cheesing between sprints.
Genay, Ellen and Tazi take off.

Sara cheers on the 100 backstrokers.
Jo dives into a final sprint.

We would also like to extend a huge thank-you the Banks family for another wonderful night in your home. The kumquats and delicious food were just the thing before our last day in the sun!