Sunday, January 6, 2013

California Lovin'

It's January again and here we are, back in the land that knows no winter! After meeting up at the hotel in Pomona, we got right down to business with a sprint meet against the University of Redlands and Linfield College on Thursday afternoon, where we had our first taste of competition and blazing California sun. Since then, we've had three workouts, numerous sunburns, 42 plates of pasta, and many many sore legs. 

After lathering on the sunscreen, the team gets ready to hop in.

This week we've also gotten a chance to welcome a few new teammates into the fold! Ellen Banks and Keller Hawkins '14 are back from fall semesters abroad in Grenada and Bali; Dane Kawamoto '15, a transfer student from Whittier College, is bravely jumping straight into life with the team before starting at Whitman this semester.

Ellen tackles the morning workout.

Dane's all smiles at practice!

Keller, being Keller. 
Here are a few more snapshots from this morning's practice. 

Will and Sara LOVE arm circles!

Lane love. Jo, Elise, Genay and Claire give out some smiles between sets.

Tyler and Charlotte enjoy a little social kick during their distance set.

Katie Chapman and I get fancy.