Friday, January 11, 2013

Cold in California? Hail no!

Yesterday morning the team tucked into a beast of a set that included periodically throwing on shoes and running around the track before jumping back in the pool for another round. As if to prove to us that southern California weather is not entirely predictable, dark clouds and intermittent sun gave way to rain, which turned into a short hailstorm. Needless to say, running through falling hail around a track in a wet swimsuit and running shoes was one of the more hardcore training trip moments in Whitman swimming history. The bizarre weather continued with more sun, rain, wind and heavy clouds, but everyone pushed through for a great 8,000-yard morning workout.

Tazi cruises around the track during one of the rare sunburst moments.

Claire and Kendra are all smiles during the run.
Gathering at the rain-protected shoe station.
Tazi gets ready for another run.
Katie and I huddle up against the cold. 

Claire going in for the win.

The distance crew dives into more IM work.

Karl, always photo-worthy.
Paul in relaxation mode after the set.

Congratulations are in order upon a successful finish!